Using JavaScript To Access URL Segments

Whilst working on a recent project, I wanted an accordion navigation to remain open depending on what the category segment in the url was displaying. To do this I found a simple bit of JavaScript published on CSS-Tricks which looks like this:

Get the full URL path:

const newURL =
  window.location.protocol +
  "://" + +
  "/" +

Next split the segments of the URL using:

const pathArray = window.location.pathname.split("/");

Finally select the segment you require using:

const segment_1 = pathArray[1];

The above code would select segment_1 but you can see how you can easily select segment_2,segment_3 etc.

Once these segments are stored in variables it is really easy to set states for your navigation.

const nav = document.getElementById("nav");

if (segment_2 === "category") {
  nav.querySelector("li ul:not(:first-child)").classList.add("is-hidden");

If you like this article and want to learn more about Javascript, I have started a series of posts on CodPen.